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  • Kristen Fewel, RYT500, RMT

Yoga is DIY for The Long Road Ahead

We all want a sensible vehicle to take us down the long road to sunny skies with safety and reliability. You could run it like a sports car, but that takes a lot of work that you perhaps don’t have the time for. I won’t assume that you have a phD in engineering, or that you know everything there is to know about maintenance on the car you have. But I’m telling you now that you only get one car— for your whole life. And you didn’t get to choose the make or model either. (Can you tell we’re not really talking about cars here?) However, you CAN choose nearly everything else about it— the condition of the interior, what kind of gas you put in it, what products you wash it with, and what kind of mechanical maintenance it receives.

Under most circumstances, we have the know-how to take care of routine maintenance of our bodies. You at least know you shouldn’t pour sugar in the gas tank, or wash the exterior with antifreeze, right? But there will be those times when you need a professional to help you through a mechanical crisis. Much like needing a mechanic to fix an old or neglected car, sometimes we are in serious need of a healing professional to help us in ways that we do not have the training, experience, or patience to do ourselves.

The question is, “how do we know when we have neglected something that was supposed to be maintained, and now we are nearing the need for an overhaul?” You are nearing that time when normal function has been interrupted (i.e. constipation, headaches, high blood pressure, interrupted sleep, or pain).

We simply cannot know how do everything related to our body,everything, but if you wait too long, of course it will be more costly and time consuming to take care of the problem. So get talking with your local body mechanic now to find out how to do proper maintenance through movement, stress reduction, and nutrition, or receive services to get your body working correctly and comfortably such as weight loss, posture correction, breathwork, or energywork.

Most importantly, if you want to enjoy your drive on the road of life, it’s best to find the trusted professionals who specialize in taking care of your body for you, with you, or to educate you on how to do a better job of doing it yourself.

Where it comes to your body, are you a Do-It-Yourself-er?

Do you have the time to learn and practice taking better care of it yourself?

Are you in disrepair, and need a mechanic? (Are you in pain or discomfort?)

Do you need an encouraging refresher on how to keep properly aligned and moving safely?

Yoga is a progressive discipline that covers the entire spectrum of health a human body needs.

It is a system of



inner safety




and inner wisdom.

Yoga also covers a healthy lifestyle through a compassionate, plant-based diet.

A yoga educator can provide the guidance you need in one of three ways:

  1. Regular weekly or biweekly hour-long sessions for a customized sequence of breathing and movement. This is similar to working with a personal trainer for your particular goals. A written sequence is also provided to you so you can practice at home.

  2. Monthly sessions to practice a new sequence, and support the changes you are making with your lifestyle habits.

Neglecting your body is one way to say, “I don’t care,” and it reflects in the way you feel, do business, and experience relationships. Ignoring it will just make it worse. Don’t wait any longer before you share with your loved one about how yoga can help maintain, repair, and overhaul a tired body back to life!

Ask us about private and group classes to serve your needs. We look forward to providing the light for your path in yoga and Reiki!

Kristen Fewel, Yoga Educator, Reiki Master

Full Circle Yoga & Healing Arts


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