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Teachers and Healing Arts Professionals

Vegan coach, Jeff Fewel at Full Circle Yoga, Yorba Linda
Jeff Fewel


Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT200)

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Plant-based Nutrition Coach

(714) 457-3623

Kristen Lee Fewel


Yoga & Meditation Teacher (E-RYT500)

Reiki Master, Certified Health Educator,

& author of The Gift of Awakening.

 (714) 404-2576

Jeff began his health journey 25 years ago by overcoming childhood obesity. After trying every diet and workout fad ever to have a book written about it, he took up daily meditation and a plant-based diet which he continues to this day.  Jeff is now a health coach to encourage and teach others how to cook yummy, nutritious plant-based meals. Jeff continues his studies in nutrition from Dr. Michael Gregor of, and the works of Drs. T. Colin Campbell and Caldwell Esselstyn.

Kristen is an established yoga educator and healer with more than three decades of hands-on experience as a bodyworker, energyworker, and spiritual guide. She authored The Gift of Awakening in 2016 to help others through the journey toward spiritual awakening as a sensitive, spiritual person wielding the power of empathic gifts. She is a practicing Reiki Master and has maintained a regular yoga and meditation practice for more than 15 years. Kristen and her husband Jeff founded Full Circle Yoga & Healing Arts in 2010 and work together to help clients and students live their best life. They live in Yorba Linda with two children, three tortoises, and a yappy-but-cute rescue dog.  

Mia Stenning (she/her)

Family Constellation Facilitator


Joseph DeStefano II, DAOM, LAc, DiplAc&OM

Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine


Mia experienced depression in 2016 after achieving a big goal without understanding why. So she went on a healing journey that took her many places, one of which was Family Constellations in 2018. She fell in love with the philosophies and teachings of the modality so much that she became a facilitator in 2020. Through the work of Family Constellations and other practices, she continues her path of healing and supports others along the way. She’s also learning Tai Chi, how to grow vegetables, and American Sign Language.

A Yorba Linda native, Joe DeStefano, or “Dr. D” as he is commonly called, has been a student and practitioner of the East Asian healing arts for more than 35 years. Known for his gentle technique and warm bed-side manner, Dr. D uses a blend of eastern and western manual therapy techniques alongside traditional herbal remedies, breathwork, and acupuncture to address a wide-range of health issues – from pain to stress/anxiety, oncology support, and infertility.  He provides private acupuncture sessions in the Healing Room on Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Rhiannon & Dirk 
Barkemeijer de wit
Rowan Tree Reiki for Humans & Animals
Divya Patel_bio photo.jpeg
Divya Patel
Kundalini yoga teacher
Sound & vibration healing facilitator


This husband-and-wife team have been facilitating transcendental sound healing and reiki events together for over 15 years. Dirk and Rhiannon create a loving space in which to realize peace and presence in the support of sacred community. Their unique events feature the vibes of Dirk's live didgeridoo and singing bowls accompanied by drum, rattle, bells and gong while Rhiannon’s channeled guided meditations offer gentle platforms for recipients to remember and align with their highest Self. Their regular monthly offerings invite a safe, loving supportive space to share and experience Reiki, gain confidence with practice, to relax, and to heal.  

Divya has a passion for sharing the gift of mindfulness to awaken inner guidance and heal physical and emotional pain through her specialization in Sound Healing and Breathwork. A Kundalini Yoga instructor since 2017, Divya works with others in conscious living skills, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), and essential oils. Her strength is intuition, which helps her identify what students need in the moment, whether that is emotional clearing or providing guidance and support to connect to their energy and inner guidance. 

17451 Bastanchury Rd.

Ste. 101-B, Yorba LInda, CA 
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