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~ Enso Reiki Training ~
& Reiki Practitioner Continuing Education 

Reiki is Universal Life Force energy, known as chi (or qi) that can be used to heal on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. I developed Enso Reiki Training for energy-sensitive people who are on a healing journey for themselves and their families. For more than two decades, I have felt and observed the energy building up. Even students who are new at reiki are amazed at how they are already able to sense the energy moving. Enso reiki classes will teach you how to direct this Divine energy to heal yourself, your loved ones, and affect the collective consciousness and planetary healing for the Highest Good! 

Enso Reiki is the name for a combination of traditional and non-traditional reiki systems including traditional Japanese Usui, Tibetan, Seichim, Ananda Rei, Karuna, and independent reiki symbols.  Enso (pronounced "ahn-so") is the name given to the calligraphy zen circle which represents a moment-by-moment focused, enlightened awareness when we don't need to figure anything out. Everything is As-It-Is. Practicing reiki, as well as enlightened "A-ha!" moments transcend any perceived limitations of what, why, or how healing is possible. The enso circle represents a cycle, where we begin in one place in our lives, and return to it having been changed by the healing journey. 

Enso Reiki level 1 covers the history and use of reiki for healing, pain relief, and personal growth. Students learn a protocol for a full-body self treatment and that for another person, and helps you to sensitize to your ability to feel energy moving through you and within you. Four symbols are taught to help enhance the energy. At the last class we will review and a ceremonial attunement is performed and a certificate of completion of reiki level 1 is presented to the student. 

Reiki level 1 is a 6 hour course over the course of 2-3 weeks / $330 all inclusive and comes with a handbook. 

Enso Reiki Level 2 introduces additional symbols and training for distance healing, karmic healing, and mental, emotional, and spiritual connection. At the end of the training, a review session and ceremonial attunement will be scheduled and a certificate of completion of Enso Reiki level 2 will be presented. 

Reiki level 2 is a 9 hour course over the course of 3 weeks / $440 all inclusive and comes with a handbook. 

Enso Reiki Level 3/Mastership is specialized training for experienced reiki level 2 practitioners who wish to teach reiki to others, perform ceremonial attunements, lead meditations, and/or become a professional energyworker. This course covers extensive symbol study, discussion, practice, and ritual. My Reiki Mastership course is not fast; it takes approximately 7 months to complete, but can take up to a year, or longer. Students will become familiar with the uses and intentions of 46 symbols from six reiki traditions and develop ritual for performing attunements/initiations and leading beginning reiki students. Class meets 1 x per month for 6 months, but, as stated above, additional time is often necessary to complete the course. Completion of the entire course is ultimately self-paced and depends on the needs of the student. This course is offered elsewhere for more than $6,000, but we want to encourage the pursuit of spiritual growth, not inhibit it. Therefore, I offer this course for $880 all-inclusive. Scholarship and payment plans are available. 

Reiki Master Additional Symbols Course

Usui and Hayashi are not the only reiki masters who taught symbol usage. The Enso Reiki Mastership handbook includes 46 symbols from six reiki traditions that Usui and Hayashi teachers did not teach-- but WE DO! This is a powerful catalog of symbols for a huge range of uses that will drastically increase your value as a Reiki Master. Reiki Masters who received training from another teacher may receive training in these additional symbols by meeting 1x/month for 3 months to learn and practice more than 30 additional symbols from Tibetan, Seichim, Ananda Rei, Karuna, and independent masters. $440 all-inclusive with handbook, 9 hours of training, and a beautiful, frameable certificate of completion.

Energy Management Skills Got a sixth (or seventh) sense? Having troubles staying grounded? I can teach you how to not get caught up in the swirl of energy put off by others. Energy Management Skills is offered to Reiki 2 and Reiki Master practitioners to understand energetic anatomy, energy etiquette, and how to have awareness of others' energy without picking it up! Learn how our chakras and auras sense information, and how to use that information in a practical way. 

3 hours/$125.


Let me know if you are interested in a class so we can get it on the schedule, or use the REGISTER button to register now. 

714-404-2576 / 

Enso Reiki training and Reiki Practitioner Skills classes
with Reiki Master Kristen Fewel

Classes run approximately every 3 months, or when a certain number of students have expressed interest to start a class. Classes are in-person at Full Circle Yoga & Healing Arts or virtual when necessary. Please call or email me your request to be notified when a class will start. 

714-404-2576 /
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