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Meditation Lessons & Training

I offer meditation guidance for everyone, to the most beginning beginner learning how to sit and breathe properly, to the highly experienced yogi looking for support and relief from stagnancy, or to learn highly effective tools for teaching others.  



So you've decided to try meditation. Good for you! Meditation is a natural state of mental calm and focus, something we all need for health and wellbeing. It is one of the primary components of a yoga practice that brings us closer to physical, mental, and emotional balance, and can increase spiritual connection for those who are open to it. Learning to meditate can improve clarity and reduce stress. 

I can help you. I offer direct guided instruction and support which will bring you to a balanced state that can lead to meditation. It takes practice, but most students experience peace of mind within the very first session!



So you've decided to take your practice to a new level.  Good for you!  We both know that specific guidance makes a big difference in the quality of your meditations, and having the right teacher is essential.  


I will find your obstacles. I can help you troubleshoot and clarify the issues that are inhibiting you such as motivation, energy management, clairvoyant gifts (visions), getting more comfortable with sitting, mantra, yoga, and much more.


Meditation is like an ocean, and I will help you navigate the water. 


Ready to go deeper?


Broaden your teaching skills and deepen your practice with meditation techniques for you and your students!


Ways to Sit

A Taste of Mindfulness: The Raisin Meditation

The Lotus Flower

Essence of Zen

Mantra and OM

Opening the Heart to Metta

108 Breath meditation with beads (japa)

...and more!

In person: 16 CEs (12 in-class hours + 4 hrs out of class hours) Illustrated handbook included. 

On demand video from a live class: 10 CEs (6 video hours + 4 practice hours.) Illustrated handbook included. 

Classes are forming now. Call about the next scheduled training. 714-404-2576.

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