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Mindfulness & Meditation Guidance 


Why meditate?


Meditation is a natural state of mental calm and focus.  It is one of the primary components of a yoga practice that brings us closer to physical, mental, and emotional balance, and can increase spiritual connection for those who are open to it. Learning to meditate can improve clarity, reduce stress, 

When starting to meditate, it is not always possible to sit comfortably while remaining completely still, so we offer gentle stretching and yoga breathing techniques leading up to meditation.

We can help you.


We offer direct guided instruction and support which will bring you to a balanced state that can lead to meditation. It takes practice, but most students experience peace of mind within the very first session!

We start with helping you get comfortable in your body. This may include sitting on the floor, a chair, or laying down. If the hips or back are tight, we will guide you in gentle stretching before we show you how to sit. 

Meditation is for everyone!

Whether you are looking to improve your outlook on life, or seeking answers to life's deeper questions, come for a meditation class or request a private session. You can benefit from the peace and calm that comes from being in a supportive, healing environment. 


Call or email for questions or to schedule a personal appointment. / 714-404-2576

Listen to a guided  meditation by Kristen Fewel


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