"I have been taking private sessions with my teacher for a few months now. They are a great resource for students who are experiencing any discomfort in their bodies and to learn how modify their practice in order to be safe. Private sessions greatly helped me improve my body and breath awareness."

Lisa K., Sacramento, CA

Increase your healing potential with a private session.

Private yoga lessons provide individualized attention and a specialized practice just for you. An experienced, certified yoga educator will...

●Introduce you to the guiding principles of yoga, teach correct breathing, and guide you into postures safely.

●Help you prepare for group classes, if that is your goal.

●Help you realize progress in your practice on mental and physical levels.  

●Provide comfort and convenience to you by assembling and arranging everything you will need for practice.  (i.e. blankets, blocks, straps, chair, etc.)

●Helpful for relief of pain and stiffness.


Benefits of private lessons 

● A variety of healing techniques may be used to achieve a desired effect.

A teacher's undivided attention toward breathing and moving in a safe, effective manner.

● Receive a customized practice for your individual needs and goals.

● Written sequence is provided for home practice and accelerated healing support.

● Balances the body and energy systems

● Helpful for relief of pain and suffering

Additional techniques may be used to provide support for your body and mind during healing or change in your life such as

Mantra and/or sound healing 

●Mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques

●Support for emotional release




Kristen Fewel Kristen specializes in a breath-centered approach to yoga to restore internal balance and mental clarity. A private session with Kristen includes an assessment of needs, guidance in breathing, movement, stretch, and mental focus. Following the introductory session, a written sequence is provided for home practice that is taught and reinforced in the private sessions. Kristen is a Reiki Master and is also a certified teacher who homeschools her two children, ages 15 and 8. Call Kristen to discuss your needs and set an appointment.  askfullcircle@gmail.com / 714-404-2576

Introduction to Yoga and Yoga Therapy (1st meeting-- 1 hr) $75

Package of 3 sessions (1-hr) $300

Michelle Adams, RYT500, Certified Yoga Therapist, is the creator of Heartfully Breathing, Receiving and Conceiving – a program designed to help women create the optimal environment to conceive a child. At 35, doctors told Michelle she would be unable to conceive more children due to premature ovarian failure. Michelle began to study yoga and other alternative healing modalities and soon found herself in an amazing state of peace.  Doctors were astonished when she became pregnant with her third child. Michelle’s journey  to healing has inspired her life’s work  – to share the joy and benefits of yoga. Contact Michelle for pricing or to schedule an appointment.  714-496-2061

Kristy Cronkrite  Kristy teaches an adaptable and gentle breath-centered yoga practice for self-care and tension release.  A long-time practitioner of a mindfulness technique called Inner Bonding, she provides a superb guided meditation experience to support and lead her clients toward greater strength, inner peace, as well as physical mobility.  Kristy is the creator and purveyor of Holistic Living with Kristy, a line of natural body care and herbal medicine products. Call Kristy to discuss your needs and set an appointment.  

Introduction to Yoga/Meditation 1-hour session: $45 single, $65 duet

(714) 485-3578 / info@kristycronkrite.com

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