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"I have been taking private sessions with my teacher for a few months now. They are a great resource for students who are experiencing any discomfort in their bodies and to learn how modify their practice in order to be safe. Private sessions greatly helped me improve my body and breath awareness."

Lisa K., Sacramento, CA

Increase your healing potential with a private session.

Private yoga lessons provide individualized attention and a specialized practice just for you. A series of private lessons will...

●Introduce you to the guiding principles of yoga with safe and effective postures and movement.

● Teach you effective breathing patterns and techniques that will establish a focused mind and calm body, suitable for meditation.

●Help you prepare for participation in group classes, if that is your goal.

●Help you realize progress in your practice on mental, emotional, and physical levels. 

●Provide comfort and convenience to you by providing and arranging everything you will need for practice.  (i.e. mat, blankets, blocks, straps, chair, etc.)


Benefits of private lessons 

● You will receive the teacher's undivided attention toward breathing and moving in a safe, effective manner.

● You will receive a customized written practice for your individual needs and goals with three pillars of practice: movement & posture, breathing, and meditation.

● The written sequence is provided to you for your home practice and healing support.

● Your personalized written practice can be learned in just 3 sessions. It is designed to help you achieve your goals including relief of pain and stiffness, engaging in safe and beneficial activity, self-regulation of mind and emotions, and refining your concentration and focus. 

Additional techniques may be used to provide support for your body and mind during healing or change in your life such as

Mantra and/or sound healing 

●Mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques

●Support for emotional release


Kristen Fewel specializes in helping people use a breath-centered approach to restore internal balance and mental clarity. A private session with Kristen includes an assessment of needs and specific guidance while taking care of your safety and enjoyment of the practice. Following the introductory session, a written sequence is provided for home practice that is taught and reinforced in follow-up sessions. Kristen is a healer, writer, and Reiki Master who lives with her family of 3 humans, 3 tortoises, and a dog in Yorba Linda. 


Call Kristen to discuss your needs and set an appointment. / 714-404-2576

$115 per 1-hr session / Package of 3 sessions (1-hr) $330. 

$149 per 90 minute session / Package of 3 sessions (90 mins) $420

Rates apply to all services offered. 

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