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Plant-based Nutrition  Coaching

with Jeff Fewel

Plant-based education, health coaching, and
support for you and your family! 


Vegan coach and chef, Jeff Fewel at Full Circle Yoga, Yorba Linda

Jeff's Story...


Since he was a young adult, Jeff tried to lose weight with every diet to ever have a book written about it. As a heavy-set child and later as a high school star athlete, this was devastating to his self-image as he tried to keep the gains of working out without being able to see the muscles he was working so hard for. In desperation he even tried self-starvation which yielded bouts of light-headedness, moodiness, and feelings of failure. 


After nearly 20 years of trying and failing to keep extra weight off, one thing finally worked: a whole food plant-based lifestyle. This improved his health and fitness and has sustained the health of the Fewel family for over 10 years. Ever since adopting a whole food plant based lifestyle, Jeff has immersed himself in the kitchen making tasty plant-based recipes and relating the science behind the success of a plant-based diet and lifestyle.   


His passion is to help others understand why diets don't work and why a plant-based lifestyle does. He takes the time to educate individuals and families about why making their favorite foods into nutritious plant based versions is the best choice, what are the right ingredients (and where to find them!), even where the best vegan restaurants are!  


Why get Nutrition Coaching?


Your future health depends on it. Fight disease, love your food, feel great, and help the environment, too.   

Don't suffer anymore. Get a complimentary consultation to find out how we can help you. / 714-404-2576

Schedule a coaching session with Jeff

New to the plant-based lifestyle? Get started with a consultation!

We'll start with the basics. Find out what you need to know to begin a plant-based lifestyle, step by step.


Intro to Plant-based Nutrition: Written assessment forms will be emailed to you upon booking the session, and return them at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time. Includes recipes, nutritious science articles, engaging video, documentary and book lists, and answers to your diet and lifestyle-related questions.

Initial session 1-1/2 hour

Coaching follow-up sessions help you continue your plant-based journey + encouragement for making positive change. Follow up sessions may include making your grocery list, how to set up your kitchen, ingredient substitutions, plant-based recipes, time-saving kitchen gadget recommendations, and weekly meal preparation.

Follow-up sessions 1 hr

Pricing: single session $115

Package of 3 coaching sessions $330.

Package of 6 coaching sessions $660. 

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