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Bioenergetic Cranial-sacral Balancing

There are several approaches to cranial-sacral balancing. As a practitioner of energywork, not as a massage therapist (although I was one for 12 years), I endeavor to provide the lightest touch to "listen" to the body's rhythms, structures, and connective tissues. This light touch therapy is about the same pressure as the weight of a nickel on your fingertip. 

The primary listening stations are the lumbo-sacral plexus, respiratory diaphragm, thoracic outlet (upper chest and back), occipital ridge of the cranium, temples, forehead, ears, and temporal mandibular joint (jaw).

The subtle touch does not tickle; it elicits a natural release of tension and a whole new level of awareness. In just a few sessions this begins a process of realignment and balancing of the cranial-sacral rhythm and musculoskeletal structures.

The session is quiet and relaxing, and many clients go into a twilight sleep during the treatment. Relief of pain and stiffness are often resolved in one to three sessions. Although chronic pain and trauma-related injury can take much longer to heal, pain relief that lasts up to few days is quite worth it. 

Reiki Treatment

Bioenergetic Cranial-sacral balancing pairs well with reiki, since reiki flows naturally and freely from my hands when they are on the body, but it is highly effective as its own treatment. 

During the session, the client is fully clothed and lays on a treatment table with soft music playing in the background. Essential oils and plant essences may be offered to comfort or enhance the treatment. 

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