Community Class Schedule 

Please Register for class or contact the teacher directly. No walk-ins can be allowed at this time. Payment or offerings may be made online or in person. Thank you for your understanding!

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 July, 2021

10:30am-12noon  Breath-centered Yoga & Meditation  
Kristen   $15  Register

Starts Weds. Sept 8th
7:15pm-8:45pm Meditation & Modern Buddhism discussion
Lekso  $12  Register

Starts Sat. Aug 7th 
9am-10am  Embodied Mindfulness Gentle Yoga   
Kristy  $15  Register

10:30am-12noon  Breath-centered Yoga & Meditation 
Kristen  $15  Register

Once-a month classes
1st Saturdays of the month
10:15am -11:15am   Slow Flow         
Linda   $10   Register by text (714) 398-2836 

2nd Saturdays of the month
1pm-3pm   Sacred Space Reiki Healing Circle     
Kristen    $20    Register


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Group Class Descriptions

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Breath-Centered Yoga with Meditation with Kristen Fewel

This class develops deep and full breathing with safe and beneficial movement for stress reduction, healing, and mindfulness. It aims to create the ideal natural conditions for meditation to occur through intense focus on the breath cycle and is helpful to break unhealthy or inefficient breathing habits. This is an all levels class recommended for healing from injury, reducing stress, and for deepening mindfulness and meditation. 10 minutes of meditation/silence is observed at the end of class. For questions about this class, email Kristen at

Embodied Mindfulness Gentle Yoga with Kristy Cronkrite

Prepare your body for mindfulness and meditation with slow flow and nurturing stretches. For questions on this class contact


Meditation Group Classes

Meditation & Modern Buddhism with Kelsang Lekso

Suitable for everyone, these Wednesday evening classes offer practical methods to improve the quality of our lives through meditation and study of Buddhist teachings. We begin with an introduction on the topic to be covered. Then we still our minds with a guided breathing meditation. This is followed by commentary on the actual meditation practice, a guided meditation on the topic, and finishes with discussion. Learn how to establish or improve a daily meditation practice.  Anyone can benefit regardless of faith, background or experience. Classes are designed to be self contained and can be enjoyed on a drop in basis. 

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