Community Class Schedule 

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Starts June 16th 
10:30am-12noon  Breath-centered Yoga & Meditation   Kristen   $15    Register

Starts August 7th
9am-10am  Connecting Within Gentle Yoga    Kristy     $10

Starts July 4th
10:30am-12noon  Breath-centered Yoga & Meditation  Kristen  $15  Register

2nd Saturdays of the month
Starts June 12th
1pm-3pm   Sacred Space Reiki Healing Circle     Kristen    $20    Register


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Group Class Descriptions

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Breath-Centered Yoga with Meditation with Kristen Fewel

This class develops deep and full breathing with safe and beneficial movement for stress reduction, healing, and mindfulness. It aims to create the ideal natural conditions for meditation to occur through intense focus on the breath cycle and is helpful to break unhealthy or inefficient breathing habits. This is an all levels class recommended for healing from injury, reducing stress, and for deepening mindfulness and meditation. 10 minutes of meditation/silence is observed at the end of class. For questions about this class, email Kristen at

Connecting Within Gentle Yoga with Kristy Cronkrite

Prepare your body for mindfulness and meditation with slow flow and nurturing stretches. For questions on this class contact


Meditation Group Classes

Connecting Within Meditation with Kristy Cronkrite

Meditation is a remedy for the stressors of modern daily life. Receive specific guidance with assuring words to help you slow down the mind and tune in to your inner wisdom, fostering a sense of compassion and peacefulness toward yourself and others. Open to all levels, this class welcomes beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. 

Yoga Meditation with Kristen Fewel

This day-long workshop explores Patanjali's principles of yoga that lead to the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind, an ideal state for meditation to create beneficial mental and emotional change. We will discuss appropriate objects of meditation and their ample effects-- including breath, sound, and images, and engage with longer and deeper states of meditation. 

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