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Group Class Schedule 

Not all yoga studios are the same. Our studio works differently than most, and we think this sets us apart in a good way! We sell no memberships because we specialize in private sessions. For group classes your payment goes directly to your teacher helping to foster the essential teacher-student connection. We encourage you to contact the teacher directly to inquire about a class, or feel free call the studio for a recommendation.  
We look forward to meeting you! 714-404-2576

November/December 2023
Tuesdays (weekly)
10am-11:15am Breath-centered Yoga   
 Kristen  $15  Register

11:20am-11:50am Meditation     
Kristen  $10  Register

2nd Tuesdays 
7-9pm Reiki Share 
Rhiannon & Dirk $15  Register

1st & 3rd Thursdays
6:30pm-7:30pm Sound Bath
Divya Patel  $30 Register

4th Thursdays 
7pm-9pm Journey with the Sacred Self

Rhiannon & Dirk  $25  Register

2nd Saturdays 
Family Constellations
Mia Stenning  $35   Register

Group Class Descriptions

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Breath-Centered Yoga with Kristen Fewel

This class develops safe and beneficial movement for stress reduction and healing with an appropriate level of challenge for both breath and body. With focus on the breath cycle and pauses between postures, we aim to cultivate the ideal conditions for meditation to occur naturally. This is an all-levels class recommended for healing from injury or stress, and for deepening mindfulness and meditation. Inspired by the teachings of TKV Desikachar and Buddhist meditation, I aim to foster connections with all students seeking healing and spiritual development.

Meditation with Kristen Fewel

Receive a guided approach to meditation with reflection on the paramitas, or perfections, of generosity, virtue, patience, vigor, concentration, wisdom, loving-kindness, and equanimity. Practice the foundations of sitting and breathing as we gradually deepen meditation to a full 25 minute sitting. Feel more comfortable and steady in meditation no matter your background or experience.

Sound Bath with Divya Patel

Immerse yourself in the gentle vibrations of crystal sound bowls, chimes, and baby gong to calm and regulate the nervous system. This is a relaxing experience with guided breathing to benefit your mind and body.

Chair Yoga with Dena M. Peterson

As someone living with disabilities, Dena aims to provide a safe, secure, supportive, and educational class for all ages and body types with disabilities, and those recovering from injury or surgery. All are welcome. Enhance rehabilitation, awareness of body sensations, improved balance and strength, resiliency, and a sense of community! Questions? Contact Dena through her website at

Reiki Share with Rhiannon & Dirk

EnJOY a sound bath and opening meditation, a reiki share and practice for all participants, experienced or not (we'll show you how), a closing prayer, and grounding. Learn more and register directly from their website, Rowantreereiki.

Journey with the Sacred Self with Rhiannon & Dirk 

This class is a sacred self-care experience to relax, renew, and rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit. This signature experience from Rhiannon and Dirk brings in the heavenly energy of reiki, the healing vibes of singing bowls, didjeridoo, drums, and rattles, and a guided meditation to expand and harmonize your heart consciousness, and honor and bless your physical body. Learn more and register directly from their website, Rowantreereiki.

Family Constellations with Mia Stenning

Family Constellations is a powerful healing approach that helps individuals uncover and resolve deep-seated family patterns that may be affecting their lives in negative ways. Through this work, participants gain insight into the dynamics of their family system and how these dynamics may be impacting their relationships, career, health, and overall well-being. Many people have reported experiencing profound emotional and spiritual healing, as well as a greater sense of clarity and purpose in their lives. Whether you are struggling with relationship issues, career challenges, or simply seeking a greater understanding of yourself and your family, Family Constellations can be a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation. If you'd like to attend and experiencing financial hardship, please reach out to the facilitator at who will find an exchange that feel comfortable for you. 

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