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Rent a Healing Space at Full Circle

The Practice Room (scroll left on the photos) is a 15' x 25' space with cork flooring and can accommodate up to 10 people comfortably on mats or up to 20 people in chairs or meditation cushions. We have dimmable lighting and a Bluetooth-enabled speaker system. 

Additional equipment/amenities:

10 folding chairs

25 blankets

8 zafus and zabutons

8 mats

4 rectangular bolsters

2 small round bolsters

Headstand apparatus

3 Reiki/treatment tables (foldable)

Plastic model skeleton (5 ft. tall)

2 4' folding tables

Video projector (computer not included) w/ adapter for a Mac and some PC's.

Whiteboard, dry erase markers, & easel


$25 per hour all inclusive. Grace period is 15 mins prior and 15 mins after.

$150 per day (up to 8 hours) all inclusive

How to reserve the space: 714-404-2576 /

~Call or email us to inquire about a date/time.

~We will confirm the date/time and send you a space rental agreement via email. 

~You must provide a signed rental agreement (just once for continued rental usage)prior to your rental, and a copy of your liability insurance for any physical activity on the premises. 

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