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"Learning Yoga is an act of love to yourself, and sharing Yoga is showing compassion toward another person, but    teaching Yoga is an act of compassion toward humanity."

~Kristen Fewel

Yoga Studies

Yoga Studies are the same courses offered to Yoga Teacher trainees for personal enrichment and education of the yoga arts.  FULL CIRCLE YOGA is a place to learn, heal, and grow at your own pace, and to receive mentorship on your path toward developing your practice, knowledge, and confidence.

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider Courses (YACEP)

We offer certified yoga teachers continuing education in a variety of yogic disciplines. All workshops offered through Full Circle Yoga within the scope of yoga and meditation are YACEP approved. Certificates of completion are provided upon request. 


200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Foundations Course

Our program exceeds Yoga Alliance's standards in two areas: ethics and mentorship. We believe strongly that mentorship and practice hours of actual teaching with the supervision of an experienced yoga teacher is what helps new teachers become effective teachers.  We have a network of mentors in the OC/LA areas that are happy to mentor with our students, exceeding the expectations of most organizations who hire yoga teachers. Our mission is to help every serious student who wants to teach yoga be competent and confident in doing so. 


Our program is suitable for newer students looking to understand a greater depth of Yoga AND experienced practitioners who wish to become teachers of yoga and meditation.  We emphasize a gentleadaptable, and appropriate practice of asana (posture), pranayama (breathwork), and meditation.

The modular courses listed below may be taken a la carte or consecutively which will prepare even the most beginning student to have a personal practice and a confident voice for sharing Yoga with family, friends, taking on private students, or teaching in small groups. 

If you are considering a Yoga Studies or Yoga Teacher Training program in the Orange County, CA area, give us a call. 


 The goals of our program are to:

~ define and understand the purpose of Yoga in a modern world

~ establish and deepen a healthy, balanced lifestyle

~ develop a safe and appropriate practice

~ acquire the knowledge and skills to sequence a safe and appropriate practice for a small group or an individual 

~ develop confidence to appropriately share the practice with others

~ acquire assessment skills of posture and breath to safely and effectively teach an individual, including those with special conditions or limited mobility.

~ develop and adapt a practice for a small group or individual based on their needs

~ establish and refine your leadership in guiding classes in asana, pranayama, mindfulness, and meditation.

Total program cost: $2,850 split up into five payments. Modules are priced individually.​

History, Philosophy, and the Yoga Lifestyle 
March 1-April 19th, 2020  (no class April 12)
Sundays 11am-5pm 
Cost: $750 for all 7 classes, or $88 per class for certified yoga teachers. 
38 contact hours.
YACEP for Certified Yoga Teachers: Certificate of completion provided on request. One or more classes may be taken for student enrichment or YACEP credit.

Understand more of what you read and hear about in yoga classes, journals, and workshops. We will study the philosophy of yoga that underlies a dedicated, progressive yoga practice that is adaptive to your needs. We will screen the acclaimed documentary film YogaWoman by Suzanne Bryant, and trace the yoga family tree from the yoga masters of India to modern influences and teachers in America. Each class will include a guided asana practice, breathwork, and meditation. 

3/1/20   Death of the Gurus: Ancient through Post-Lineage era 

3/8/20   The Living Yoga of Patanjali’s Yogasutra
3/15/20   Breath-centered Yoga  (aka. viniyoga)

3/22/20   Yoga Meditation

3/29/20   Mantra & Sound Meditation
4/5/20   Walking Meditation to Yorba Linda Redwoods(AM) / "Yoga Unveiled" (PM)
4/19/20   Plant-based Potluck  / Guest Speaker, Plant-base Health Coach Jeff Fewel 

This course satisfies the requirements for Yoga Philosophy in Yoga Teacher Training, or as individual workshops (a la carte). To attend one class, RSVP by email then pay $88 by cash or check to the teacher. 

Developing Effective Sequences for Asana and Meditation
May 3-June 21, 2020  (No class on May 10th)
Sundays 11am-5pm + 5 hours minimum outside of class time
Cost: $750 
43 contact hours. 
Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of 2 prior modules or are a certified yoga teacher already. 
YACEP for Certified Yoga Teachers: Certificate of completion provided on request. One or more classes may be taken for student enrichment or YACEP credit. 
Covers sequencing, teaching techniques, verbal cueing, Sanskrit and anatomical terminology, meditation, and teaching technique. Weekly workshops include special populations such as kids, seniors, prenatal, student teaching, and giving and receiving feedback.


This module prepares you to teach a yoga class that includes the three pillars of a well-rounded practice: pranayama, asana, and meditation. This class will teach you how to design and teach an engaging, appropriate asana sequence for your peers. You will refine your cuing, practice the Sanskrit names of common poses and their English equivalent with directional terms to transform language into a safe and meaningful yoga experience for others. This module includes a 75 minute practice and a minimum of 2 hours designing and practice teaching sequences in each class.

The completion of the Yoga Studies program contains 200 hours of Yoga Alliance approved standards, but we feel more teaching and mentorship helps aspiring teachers to hone their professional voice and craft in the art of Yoga. Therefore, an additional 5 hours of mentorship through observation and/or co-teaching is recommended for those who desire to teach. 

Ethics & The Student-Teacher Relationship
July 12-Aug 23, 2020 
Sundays 11am-5pm + 5 hours minimum outside of class time.
Cost: $750. 
Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of 2 prior modules or are a certified yoga teacher already. 
43 contact hours
YACEP for Certified Yoga Teachers: Certificate of completion provided on request. One or more classes may be taken for student enrichment or YACEP credit. 
The theme of this class is ethical behavior and professionalism within the teacher-student relationship. Using the blueprint of Patajali's yamas and niyamas (behavioral restraints and observances) we discuss solutions to real-life ethical dilemmas that may be encountered in studio environments, between teachers and students, and the importance of professionalism and respect to all students. We will screen the documentary Kumare which documents a modern-day guru imposter and the importance of establishing your own truth through meditation. This module also includes a 75 minute practice in each class.
Teaching Practicum
Flexible dates/times for observation and co-teaching.
Cost: $300. Payment may be made in person upon acceptance.
Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of at least three modules or for certified yoga teachers. May be taken concurrently with module four. 
50 contact hours
YACEP for Certified Yoga Teachers: Certificate of completion provided on request. Mentorship hours may apply for student enrichment or YACEP credit. 
This module prepares a student for becoming a teacher through mentorship. Mentorship is essential for acquiring valuable teaching experience in real class settings. This module helps students practice what they have learned in other modules with the supervision and guidance of an experienced yoga teacher. Log sheets and evaluation forms will be provided. 
Dynamic Yoga Anatomy
Nov. 1-Nov 22, 2020 
Sundays, 11am-5pm

Cost: $300 for all 4 classes; $88 per class for certified yoga teachers. 

22 contact hours.

YACEP for Certified Yoga Teachers: Certificate of completion provided on request. One or more classes may be taken for student enrichment or YACEP credit. 

Kristen Fewel has been teaching anatomy for yoga teacher trainings for 20 years, and Breath-centered yoga is the focus of her practice and teaching. Yoga is not all muscles and bones, folks! Dynamic Yoga Anatomy will have asana study, but with a focus on pranayama and its connection to the health of the body. 

11/1/20 The Breathing Cycle & Respiratory Anatomy

11/8/20 Integral Respiration & Cellular Breath

11/15/20 Respiratory Pathology

11/22/20 Posture & Breath Assessment in Asana

This course satisfies the requirements for Anatomy in Yoga Teacher Training, or as individual workshops (a la carte).  For enrollment in one class, RSVP by email then pay $88 by cash or check to the teacher. 

Kristen Fewel, Lead Trainer
Janet Riley, Associate Trainer

What our graduates have to say...

"I was supremely impressed with my training experience at Full Circle Yoga. The modular program is intelligently designed in such a way that trainees are exposed to the material at a reasonable pace and able to take the time to really absorb all the various concepts in a meaningful way. Reading and journaling assignments are provided throughout the program that invite personal inquiry and reflection on one's own values, goals, and purpose--which I feel are at the heart of an in-depth yoga enrichment and training journey. Instruction on yoga philosophy is based on historical texts, and material is provided in a multitude of ways to meet the needs of a variety of students, including reading, lecture, powerpoint presentation, movie screenings, and guest speakers...I could not be more pleased with my experience with this training program." Kristy Cronkrite, Yorba Linda, CA

"My favorite text was from module 2, Cyndi Lee's Yoga Body, Buddha Mind.  It read very smoothly for me, and I found it easy to connect with her easy to read style. The fourth module was structured and set up well to get us to act/talk and function as a yoga teacher. I enjoyed collaborating on the sequences and then practicing them as a group.  From this training, I have the confidence to hold a safe space for others and to structure a class well." Kristin Daniels, Ladera Ranch, CA


"Tonight I taught a student with Parkinson's. Without your guidance and co-teaching your Ornish group (from Dr. Dean Ornish's Cardiopulmonary Lifestyle Reversal Program], I never would have been able to adapt for him.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."  Lisa Lind, Orange, CA

"I signed up for yoga teacher training because I knew I wanted to help others. It was truly the best decision of my life. Kristen is a passionate, caring and warm teacher and her knowledge knows no bounds. She taught the obvious [subjects of] anatomy and the history of meditation, pranayama, and yoga, but also made us think about ourselves and our lives on a much deeper level. Because of Kristen I am a better human being and live a much healthier lifestyle. I am living my dream of teaching pranayama, yoga and meditation! Thank you Kristen and Jeff for providing a wonderful, compassionate and lovely studio. You're a hidden gem in Yorba Linda!"  Diana Zavala, Long Beach, CA

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