Reiki Energywork at Full Circle Yoga & Healing Arts

A unique Reiki energywork experience

 Comfort & Calm 

This 90 minute stress-busting experience begins with guided breathing followed by a hands-on infusion of healing energy to induce internal awareness, healing, and deep relaxation, and finishes with a delightful touch application of calming essential oil.  

Blissed Energy Infusion 

This 90 minute bliss experience begins with invigorating guided breathwork, followed by a hands-on infusion of energy to reduce tension in the body, induce healing, and balance the chakras, and finishes with a delightful touch application of energizing and balancing essential oil. 

Customized Energy Balancing

This 90 minute customized energywork session may include a variety of modalities to balance your body and mind such as breathwork, sound, vibration, intuitive/spiritual guidance, and essential oils. Energywork sessions are done fully clothed. Let us know if you are sensitive to scent or touch. 


Call for a consultation and book an appointment. 714-404-2576


One hour Reiki energywork $108

Package of three (3) 1 hr Reiki sessions: $300

90 minute Reiki energywork $149 /90 mins

Package of three (3) Radiance Treatments $420





What is Reiki?


Translated from Japanese, Reiki means, "Spiritually-directed universal life force energy."  Rei means spirit, or soul.  Ki means energy, which surrounds and moves through us. An Ensō, pronounced "ahn-so" is a sacred symbol in Zen Buddhism that relates to the Circle of Enlightenment. It is our experience that a reiki treatment resembles this enlightened state of being. 


Reiki energy treatments heal, harmonize, and balance energy on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Reiki is highly effective in reducing emotional and physical pain and stress, and has no negative side-effects.

A hands-on reiki session can be described as a deep physical relaxation, cessation of mental activity such as thinking, kaleidoscope visions, colors/auras, and a feeling of connection and oneness to God/Spirit/Divine/Love. No faith or religion is necessary to receive the benefits of reiki, as many atheists have these and other amazing experiences!

The treatment is done with the practitioner's hands above or on the body while the client, who remains clothed, is laying down or sitting in a chair. Aromatherapy and soothing music is also used for comfort and relaxation.   


Today I'm feeling so much better than I've felt in a long time.  I've never felt that way before, like I was in an altered state of consciousness. Your healing abilities are very powerful, yet very calm and gentle.  I appreciate all of your healing and help with my anxiety and physical issues.  I feel so grateful to know that you care so much about helping me and others with your reiki healing.  Thank you!


S.D. Yorba Linda

I have continued to go back to Kristen for Reiki and I have to say I am so happy and pleased with every experience. I will definitely keep coming back because I love the results! I feel amazing after I leave!

Christina W., Orange, CA

I am extremely grateful for your support and guidance this past year. I know that doing Reiki with you, in addition to the classes at your studio, have helped me stay calm, centered and present in these difficult situations.

Adrianne A., Yorba Linda

Why would a Reiki session  be beneficial to you?

  • Reiki induces the relaxation response, similar to yoga and meditation.

  • Reiki has been shown in studies to assist in anxiety reduction.

  • Reiki assists with stress management.

  • Reiki reduces muscle tension.

  • Reiki may improve cellular function.

  • Studies show Reiki reduces pain in cancer patients and for other health issues.

  • Reiki increases mental clarity and memory.

  • Reiki accelerates healing.

  • Reiki induces healthy emotional release and adjustment after release.

  • Reiki induces homeostasis, a beneficial balance, in the body.

  • Reiki harmonizes and balances the nervous and endocrine systems.


Why would a Reiki class be helpful for you?

  • Reiki is helpful for learning to meditate or deepening your mind-body practice.

  • Reiki helps empathic and highly sensitive people to manage their energy better. 

  • Reiki may remove emotional or mental blockages to success.

  • You will learn a self-help modality to treat aches and pains for yourself, loved ones and your pets.

  • You may create an additional income source by giving Reiki treatments following your attunement.​


If you are interested in joining a reiki class, give us a call and sign up for our newsletter on the homepage to find out about our next group class or to request private instruction. 714-404-2576


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