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High-Self Resonance Therapy


High-Self Resonance Therapy (HRT) is an energywork modality developed by my long-time friend and teacher, Ariel Hubbard, that uses Divine energy to clear, charge, and balance the client's energy field. 


Although you may have had experiences that make you feel disconnected, your High-Self is the aspect of you which is always connected to the Divine.  I remove blockages to this innate knowledge.  It is to this Divine aspect that I am able to reconnect your consciousness with your Divine aspect and bring you into Unity. There is great peace and comfort when this occurs in sessions. 

Although reiki is very powerful, reiki is a traditional practice that combines very well with HRT to boost its effectiveness. 


HRT uses a combination of

toning and sound


light & color


& intention.


I often use HRT during a healing session to clear stagnant or blocked energy quickly and efficiently, shift dysfunctional energy patterns, and restore balance to the chakras. 

HRT is a highly effective therapy for shifting energy related to old trauma, unhelpful thought patterns, removing creative blockages, and mental fogginess. Occasionally emotions will be released, which can be a natural part of healing from trauma. The result can be a profound "aha!" moment, deep relaxation, and a sense of feeling lighter and clearer. 

When receiving a High-Self Resonance Therapy session, the client remains clothed and lays on a comfortable treatment table with low lighting and relaxing music in the background. Essential oils and plant essences may be offered for comfort and to enhance the experience.

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