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  • Kristen Fewel, ERYT200, RYT500

No obstacle too great with reiki energywork

I'm back!! I took a break from writing during the holidays, but I'm in the swing of teaching classes, meditating, and doing so many reiki energywork treatments! Some of my clients are sharing with me about how powerful and amazing the reiki treatments are and that I should really get the word out there. So, let me tell you about what reiki ("REY-key") is, and, more interestingly, the story of how I came to experience it and what it has done for me.

My very first reiki energywork treatment was at a metaphysical bookstore in Dana Point, CA back in 1998. It was a mere 15 minutes of quiet bliss to the sound of soft music while laying on a treatment table fully clothed, so I assumed it might be similar to getting a massage--except there was no oil, no rubbing, and no messy hair! By the end of that brief treatment, I had had a wonderful epiphany that I was One with All Living Things. It was peaceful and serene in the room, but a huge miracle was happening inside me. The miracle was the impact of how that One realization would effect in my life from that day forward.

Although the environment was serene and the practitioner kind and forthcoming about what she was going to do during the reiki treatment, I could not explain at the time how this epiphany came to me, or why. I simply did not know how disconnected I was, as most of us do not, until I was awakened. It was like a light had switched on in my mind, and that insight strengthened and compelled me to continue healing from emotional trauma and abuse.

Reiki is not religious, but it is a spiritually directed energy that had cleared a major obstacle for me that several years of therapy had been unable to do. The obstacles I have overcome with this single realization is the biggest reason I use it with my clients, and I have continued to use it in my vocation as a healer as well as in my daily life.

Over the years, I never lost the connection I realized that day, and it has helped me stay grounded even when my trust has been shaken to the ground. Reiki infused my consciousness with a special kind of awareness that I cannot attribute to any other treatment or action at the time. Reiki is simply amazing, and it encouraged me a few years later to learn to do Reiki for others.

I met my first reiki teacher, Ariel Hubbard, in 1997 and was attuned to the first level of reiki in 2001. I practiced regularly as a massage therapist, and to comfort my young son, Noah, when he needed rest, cure for a headache, or to heal an injury. I brought reiki further into my work as a yoga teacher at Full Circle Yoga in 2011 with terrific results and encouragement from my clients and students, and so received another attunement in 2015. I now see clients for reiki in person and by Skype, as reiki is effective over distance as it is in person!

Reiki is an intelligent energy that goes precisely where it is needed with no unpleasant side effects. This makes reiki an ideal therapy for healing injuries, emotional imbalances, and karmic or spiritual deficits. While other therapies can take weeks or months to effect a positive change, reiki has the potential to heal us immediately and profoundly when we enter a healing environment and our bodies and minds are ready for it. It is often described as a warm current of energy that is relaxing and enjoyable. Some remarkable testimonials include relief of guilt and depression, elimination of pain, recovery from infection, improved sleep, and reconnection with Spirit! Essential oils are often used during the treatment to aid smooth breathing and stress reduction, both of which are important steps in all healing processes.

I look forward to sharing reiki with you and helping you along your healing journey! To schedule a reiki treatment with me or attend a reiki class, go to our website at or call 714-404-2576. I'd be very happy to hear your questions!

Be well.

Kristen Fewel, Yoga Educator, Reiki Master

Full Circle Yoga & Healing Arts


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