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  • Pamela Benner, RYT200

Uplift your posture, uplift your life!

Pamela Benner is sharing the benefits of yoga with mature adults helping them enJOY healthy active lives.

The way Americans go through modern life is bad for the back. Simply performing the tasks of demanding lifestyles such as leaning forward at our computers, hunching over our phones, and bending at the steering wheel, the spine endures the majority of abuse from bad habits we acquired when we were not quite aware of it. Poor posture restricts the precious resources of energy that the spine is meant to supply to the body. Yoga and the daily practice of good posture called asana can counteract the effects of our habits and strengthen the back so the spine can assume the vitalizing posture nature intended.

We depend on the health of the spine because it is the pathway and channel for energy that moves and energizes the body and sends signals to the muscles and organ systems. In order to achieve a better posture and a healthy lifestyle, yoga and posture correction is the way to begin. The physical practice of Yoga concentrates on the movement and stability of the spine which affects the balance and strength of all other parts of the body. The shape of the spine also determines how the body moves through space whether reaching, bending, twisting, or propelling yourself forward with efficiency. And yoga is slower than other forms of movement or exercise which help to develop better body awareness and mind-body connection. Slow and controlled movements such as forward and back bends, twists, and lateral bends, create a stronger spine and better posture with much less risk of injury than traditional exercise.

The key to practicing yoga is to find a good instructor who will safely guide and encourage a consistent practice and the mind-body connection. An effective devoted teacher will lift your spirit, and guide you toward balance in life, not just in the postures. By uplifting your posture, you can uplift your life!

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