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  • Kristen Fewel, Reiki Master Teacher

Highly sensitive, or empathic? Both need quiet healing time.

Are you highly sensitive to other people's energy, or take on their pain, anxiety, or anger? You might be an empathic or highly sensitive person who can really benefit from what I offer.

I first learned about energywork as a massage therapist, back in the mid-1990's. I would come home from a day's work feeling exhausted. I had a certain pride in being able to relieve people's pain, but I was sacrificing every ounce of effort I had toward maintaining my own health, and giving it away again-- every single day. I eventually realized that I could do amazing work as a bodyworker, but not if I was going to continue to leave my energy wide open for anyone to take.

My teacher taught me that the energy I was using to heal others was exhausting me. It is no coincidence that I was sick with some kind of infection or other for almost 10 years as a result of poor eating habits, poor energy management, and not enough healing time. Through my work with her, my teacher and healer convinced me -- not through persuasion, but through my own direct experience with healing energy-- that energy is ever-present and comes from a universal source that I could learn to use to heal myself and others. She was never exhausted after her treatments with me, and she always appeared to have abundant energy, and a thriving business.

For my own health and sanity and that of my future career, I began my education in learning how to manage my energy, took up a yoga practice, and taught myself to meditate. I embraced some valuable shielding techniques which involved meditation, breathing, and guided visualization. Then I learned a special system of energywork called reiki, that I could use to heal and fortify myself before doing a treatment. I was attuned to reiki 17 years ago, and I have never stopped using this amazing healing energy for myself, my family, and my clients.

I offer a weekly reiki meditation class on Thursdays at 10:30am at Full Circle Yoga & Healing Arts so you can experience reiki and meditation at the same time. There is no other reiki class like this anywhere that I know of, and it is a low-cost, albeit reserved way to experience reiki first-hand. I also offer reiki treatments for general and specific physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual transformation.

If you're interested in learning how to use reiki to manage your energy and focus your attention on your goals for health, relationships, or business, I hope to see you at one of my classes or workshops soon.

In a reverent bow to your health & prosperity, Happy New Year! ~Kristen

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