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  • Kristen Fewel, E-RYT500

A look back with gratitude, a look ahead with optimism to 2018

This has been a busy and exciting year of growth for myself and the studio! Seeds that I planted months to years ago are now coming into fruition. I am so happy to see so many quality teachers who are now my colleagues growing their aspirations right alongside mine.

Special acknowledgement for their service and dedication to the Full Circle Yoga Community this year goes to Kristy Cronkrite, Cara Fraser, Yvonne Clapper, Janet Riley, Alyssa Garcia, Lula Cervantes, Kathy Sprout, and Ashley MacCulloch. I am honored to work with such dedicated people in service to their students, the teaching profession, our community, and to the Divine. Also, I bow deeply to all the dedicated students who took our yoga teacher training and reiki certification classes this year. May your desire to help and heal yourself extend to the health and healing of the world one person at a time.

My greatest personal accomplishment this year was writing a book, "The Gift of Awakening," which is expected to be in the hands of readers in the spring of 2018. This was a project that began long ago with my own deep soulful healing crises, but my healing journey turned out to mirror something that was quite close to what many of my students were experiencing, and I realized that my message and the tools for healing are needed now. I hope you'll buy and read my book when it arrives and share it with others.

My other personal accomplishment in 2017 was healing from a pelvic dysfunction, herniated discs, and a pain syndrome that occurred nearly simultaneously six years prior. With the guidance and services of a few trusted holistic healing professionals, I finally overcame chronic pain this year. Although the restraint and challenge from the injury were actually an unforeseen benefit to my ability to teach a greater range of students now with a wider variety of needs, I am definitely relieved to now be healed.

In 2017, I also created course material for a 300 hour advanced yoga studies program (pending approval from Yoga Alliance)! After six consecutive years running the Foundational Yoga Studies 200 hour program, this year I put it in the hands of two exceptional teachers, Janet Riley and Yvonne Clapper. I plan to continue to train teachers and students who are ready for deeper studies in hatha vinyasa krama yoga, also known as "breath-centered yoga." The 300 hour program will begin in January and run year-round in 9-week modules, all available for your perusal on my website. I will announce these on social media and in monthly newsletter reminders as they come up for enrollment.

Looking ahead to the start of 2018, the studio will have a few changes such as students paying teachers directly for their classes and workshops. First, a group yoga class will go down to $15, a meditation class will remain $10. Each teacher will have a special box for receiving cash or check payments as you walk into class. Some teachers may offer a point of sale (POS) for debit/credit cards. I will continue to provide regular updates to our website on all of our group classes and workshops, and a monthly e-newsletter will still arrive in your inbox to let you know about all of our services, events, classes, and offerings. You can opt-in to our newsletter from the homepage at Walk-ins are still welcome and we appreciate every kind review, social media share, and loving word-of-mouth referrals. <3

Jeff and I extend our heartfelt thanks and love to everyone who comes through our doors, our teachers, and extended yoga and healing arts community! We look forward to sharing the light and heart of yoga with you in the New Year!


Kristen Fewel

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