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  • Kristen Fewel, RYT500

How We Got Our Name and what it means to come around "Full Circle"

A mom came to Kids and Family Yoga class with the daughter she was pregnant with four years ago. She told her husband about this return to a place she is familiar with but being in a different state of mind and body, and he tells her, "you've come full circle, honey."

She replied, "Yes, that's exactly where we're going!"

Happy Spring to you and 6th Anniversary to Full Circle Yoga! Each April, Jeff and I revisit our mission and vision for the center, which brings me around to the reason I opened a yoga center in north Orange County in the first place to revisit the reason we are called Full Circle Yoga.

The name of our yoga studio came to me in a dream 15 years before its inception. Full Circle Yoga comes from the heart of the phrase “come full circle,”whose many meanings transcend culture, and provide an expectation of what a healing center should be. Healing centers should be a place of education and experience to help you to move along your path with guidance and care. But the transformation takes place when there is a point at which you feel differently about yourself and the connections you hadn’t made before. Some meanings and images of this phrase “Full Circle” that we associate with our center are embracement, inclusion, connection, perseverance, realization, and insight.

Our name implies that you’ve come to rediscover a place familiar to you. That is one of the first things people comment on is how comfortable our space feels to them and that they feel “at home.” Even if it is your first time here, Full Circle feels like a place that genuinely embraces and includes everyone and has a comfortable familiar feeling. Movement and breathing at a comfortable pace, reading a magazine, having a cup of tea in a cushioned chair with a teacher or friend.

A circle implies a cycle or phase, that when thoroughly explored or a goal is reached, leads naturally, organically to another phase. This is a positive cycle of personal growth! It takes a knowledgeable and supportive teacher and connections in a class group to model the positives that come from undergoing a transformation. As experience and knowledge grow, wisdom is acquired and there is opportunity to share that knowledge for the benefit of your family, friends, and community. Teaching is a blessing to share what you have learned.

To come “full circle” also means having the perseverance to continue the path you know is right for you, and that it is something worth doing toward that end. If you are a seeker, and want to know more about the strength that’s in you, you have to be willing to dig in! If you are a natural healer, you can learn to channel that energy in a direction that furthers your life’s purpose, and to have your experiences with sometimes mystical and powerful energies validated. Coming full circle means you took an active part in this learning and growing process and came back better and stronger than ever. “Personal growth cannot be given or bought, but it can be modeled and taught!”

There are many ways to come full circle in life: yoga, meditation, and reiki energywork are the core of what we offer you to rise up and come full circle yourself! These non-invasive, non-medical methods are proven effective for health, wellbeing, stress reduction, and personal development which allows every person to explore these stages at their own pace. We offer guided classes, private classes, mentorship, education, and healing services tailored to your unique needs. We also offer plant-based nutritional items and hand-made natural body care products with no chemicals whatsoever.

A generous thank you to everyone who has traveled “full circle” with us these past six years, and we look forward to meeting more of you at our Open House on Saturday, June 11th! Keep a lookout for our newlsetter with more details and Summer Specials! Blessings always...

Kristen Fewel, Yoga Educator, Reiki Master

Full Circle Yoga & Healing Arts


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