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  • Kristen Fewel, E-RYT500

Let's talk about (plant) food!

This is a true story with a powerful revelation, and it has to do with food. My absolute favorite comfort food is fettuccini Alfredo. The rich and creamy, saucy kind with long, luxurious spinach and chive noodles to be exact. I used to eat it the way many people do with milk and parmesan cheeses-- or worse, the store brand in a jar with chemical preservatives.

But the truth is that every time I ate it, I developed a lingering stomach-ache and had to lay down to recover and digest. I felt sluggish and sleepy. I became aware of the connection between what I ate and how I felt. Then the pleasure of eating it was eventually drained out by the bloating and gas I suffered. I decided it just wasn't worth it anymore. I had to ditch the dairy. The pain was a clear indication that my body did not want that stuff in me.

My husband--bless his heart and culinary skills-- created a plant-based version that was AWESOMELY creamy and yummy and satisfying that I now enJOY regularly. Changing this ONE MEAL was an important turning point in evaluating what a healthy, tasty, satisfying meal could be! Now I can enJOY a wonderful meal with no heaviness, bloating, gas, or tummy ache. Eating properly shouldn't make you hurt, gain weight, or cause indigestion.

My point is that if eating a certain way is causing you pain and suffering, it's actually a good thing to change. I want to share this body-wisdom with you. I am so proud and happy that my husband, Jeff Fewel, Plant-based Nutrition Coach, will be leading an informational talk and support group on Sundays in August at Full Circle Yoga from 3-4pm. See the flyer below. I'll be there, too. JOIN US!

If you just want to get started with eating more plant-based meals, we have a great PlantPure Nation cookbook at the studio, or you can order complete meals online. Try it for 10 days and see how you feel. I am willing to bet that you will be very happy you did!

Check out this little video on the PlantPure 10-Day challenge here.

Ready for some tasty plant food? Use our special code FULLCIRCLE20 to get $10 off your first order.

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