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  • Kristen Fewel, E-RYT500

6 Things to Look for in a Yoga Teacher Training

A yoga teacher training is a solid investment in yourself, and for the time and money you'll need to accomplish it, you should know what to look for when making your decision. Some programs are loosely structured and some can be hardcore. Like a beautiful musical instrument, the best programs are not too tight, and not too loose. They have structure without being dogmatic, the teachers are experts but not guru-authoritarian. Most of all, it should fit your needs.

Here are some things to look for when researching the best yoga training for you. Use this as a checklist when you preview curriculum and interview teachers.

1. A safe and appropriate asana practice. Yoga is not a one-size-fits-all. The teachers model safety in asana, demonstrate the use of props and teach how to use them in different situations and teach according to students' needs regardless of age, size, or physical condition. If you have a special need, ask how you will be accommodated.

2. A well-designed curriculum. The Director or Lead Teacher is happy to explain the curriculum to you. The program is designed to build upon skills taught earlier in the training. The curriculum and practice should include asana, pranayama, and meditation, the three pillars of the heart of yoga. The Full Circle Yoga & Meditation programs were designed by a yoga teacher with 20 years experience who is also a credentialed teacher in Secondary and Post-Secondary Education.

3. Different learning styles are respected. The lead teachers and mentors will be accommodating with time and materials to be sure each student is learning in the best way possible. Yoga is highly experiential, but you may need additional time to learn something. If you have a learning challenge, ask how you will be accommodated.

4. Relationships are key. You should be able to contact a lead teacher and get references from past graduates about their training. Ask for current references and where you can find recent candid reviews about their program.

5. Program duration. Short programs of just a few months may get you a fast certificate, but what will you really know and be able to do when it's all over? Longer programs of at least 8 months are more likely to give you the knowledge and experience to be able to teach confidently and to a wider range of people.

6. Internship and/or Mentorship. Yoga Teacher Training should include an abundance of teaching opportunities during class with an experienced teacher. Ask about how much co-teaching and mentorship is provided. Find out if the Lead Teachers offer post-training mentorship, classes, and workshops that will continue to stimulate and inspire your growth.

Full Circle Yoga's Foundational and Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Programs check all of these boxes. More details can be found on our website, or give a call to get your questions answered. Call Kristen Fewel @ 714-404-2576.

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