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  • Kristen Fewel, E-RYT500

Complete the Cycle of Healing

I've been thinking about the Healer's Journey-- the path one takes to learn how to heal ones-self. It's a lot like seeing that something is broken, has lost its ability to function well, and you would like to undertake its repair. When compassion arises to heal a sentient being, it's especially important to take notice of the pure value of their existence first, without expectation that it will be fixed perfectly no matter how much effort we put into the process. While we don't necessarily need "fixing," we are always worth the caring.

I think we all have experienced this scenario: you discover something is broken, and you feel it's worth your caring and invest some time to learn about it to see how you can help. There are some good feelings that come from seeing something or someone come to life again! The greatest value is not just in the repair: it comes from the effort you take to care and study it, understand its capacity, and find out what it needs now so that can be of even greater value.

When a being is liberated from suffering, it becomes a beacon of light for others to wonder: how did healing happen?

I propose a new way of thinking about healing as a cycle, not as a destination to be reached or a finish line to be crossed, but a natural integration of the human experience. There are three components to the healing cycle: Internal and External Environment, Optimistic State of Mind, and Teaching or Relating the Experience. First the Internal and External Environment needs to feel safe and comfortable with plenty of rest for recovery. Secondly, there must be an Openness and Optimism that you will find a relief of suffering and into peace. The last part of the cycle is Teaching or Relating the Experience. This is the final part that some are reluctant to do because they doubt their voice or their ability to help, but I feel that everyone can find their voice if they have a message to share and have a sincere desire to help others. A healer will find themselves at the beginning of someone else's healing journey because they can indeed help and are ready for the third step, embodying what it means to "come full circle."

It's no accident why I named my teaching and healing center Full Circle. It means to see yourself in a place you may recognize, having healed and grown in wisdom and experience so that you see and feel it in a totally different, positive way. This is what teaching has done for me and hundreds of others who have studied and practiced here. Over the past 25 years of my healing journey, I still find that I come full circle fairly often. I know there is no such thing as "finished" or "all done" with learning or healing. I don't feel like I am recovering from an injury all the time-- I am simply always open to learning and integrating with my mind, body, and spirit.

It is my distinct pleasure to help others complete this healing cycle as a teacher trainer in yoga, meditation, and energywork. Every family in every community should be so lucky to have a trained healer to call on in time of need. If you feel called to complete a cycle of the Healer's Journey, I welcome your inquiries.




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