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Qi gong & Tai chi

Tai Chi
Tai Chi in Motion

Looking to learn the basics?


Qi gong and Tai chi are two Eastern healing arts based on martial arts that help restore and maintain good mental and physical health.


Both tai chi and and qi gong involve slow movements, but qi gong is easier to learn because the same movement is repeated several times, while tai chi is a longer series of movements usually practiced in large outdoor group settings.


After several years as a practitioner of qi gong, I now teach the basics of qi gong and tai chi to beginners who want to prepare for taking a group class at a community center.    

It's best to learn in a private lesson before getting into a group. You will learn more in one session than in several weeks of group classes!


In just 3 lessons, you'll know...

how to breathe

center of gravity 

standing posture 

awareness of life force (qi)

joint range & mobilization

6 exercises to increase vitality 

The tai chi exercises I teach are based on Harvard University's Health & Medicine

tai chi course taught by Peter Wayne, Ph.D., Sifu Shona Howe, and renowned tai chi master Stanwood Chang, in the Yang style 24 form. 

If you're ready to get started, give me a call to set up a consultation and first lesson. 

Kristen Fewel


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