Adrianne Angle


Restorative Muscle Therapy (RMT)

Receive bodywork in Full Circle's Healing Room

Adrianne Angle is a practitioner of Schulman Therapy, a uniquely effective form of restorative muscle therapy that relieves stress in the body by releasing muscles and connective tissue. 

How can RMT benefit me?

Clients see relief from the symptoms of strained muscles, herniated disks, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, and sciatic pain and more. This treatment helps individuals who couldn’t previously see an end to their pain.

How is RMT different?

The practitioner utilizes a specialized technique of using their forearms over a towel which is draped over the client. The client does not remove clothing, and the towel is used to better grasp muscles. This has become the answer for patients unsatisfied by other bodywork techniques. Clients should wear comfortable, loose clothing.


What results can I expect from my RMT sessions?

Minor and acute ailments are typically resolved within 3 treatment sessions, whereas chronic and more series issues may require more time to resolve.  Typically, by the 3rd session, a client will know if the treatment will be effective for them.  To address an issue, plan to start with 3 sessions, scheduled between 3 to 5 days apart.  After that, the client and practitioner will decide together on an appropriate schedule.  

Who developed RMT?  Restorative Muscle Therapy is a combination of neuromuscular rejuvenation and myofascial release, two specialized forms of soft tissue work. RMT is derived from the work of renowned Physical Therapist, Nate Schulman over the course of his 50-year physical therapy practice.


Micro Session (approx. 15 mins) / *Introductory rate $25 (Reg. $35)


Focus Session (approx. 30 mins) / *Introductory rate $50 (Reg. $70)


Full Session (approx. 1 hr)  / *Introductory rate $100 (Reg. $140)


*First Time Client Special Rate, good for a client’s first session.