Community Class Schedule 

Group classes at Full Circle support your needs for community gathering while encouraging a steady practice of mind, body, and spirit connection.  Call Kristen to inquire if a group class or private session is best for you. 714-404-2576


January 2020

Community Class Schedule & Pricing

 Scroll down for descriptions of the classes.  Walk-ins are welcome. 


5:30-6:30pm Gentle Yoga & Guided Meditation --Purvi Shah  $15


10:30-11:30am Gentle Yoga -- Michelle Almeida  $10


10:15-11am Prana Reiki Meditation -- Vitzania Dominguez  $12


9-10am Slow Flow -- Vitzania Dominguez  $12


9-10am  Gentle Flow / Intro to Yoga -- Kristy Cronkrite  $10

  10:15-11am Connecting Within Guided Meditation -- Kristy Cronkrite $10


9-10:15am  Strong Hatha --  Jeff Fewel  $10

1st Saturdays of the month

11:15am-12:15pm Gentle flow -- Linda Saslow 

2nd Saturdays of the month

1-3pm Reiki Healing Circle--  Kristen Fewel  $15

11:15am-12:15pm  Chair /Adaptive yoga --  Dena Peterson  $10

4th Saturdays of the month 

9-10am Intro to Yoga for Beginners --  Kristy Cronkrite  $10

Check out these Special Experiences!

Sun. March 15, 2020 10:30-5pm Breath-centered Yoga & Meditation Intensive  $88

Sun. March 22, 2020 10:30-5pm Yoga Meditation Intensive   $88


Sun. April 5th 10am-12noon  Walking meditation to the Yorba Linda Redwoods

& Fundraiser for Shoes That Fit™

This is Free and open to the public. ON LOCATION: meets at the Valley View Loop trailhead at the north end of Prospect Ave. in Yorba Linda. Bring a new pair of children's athletic shoes as a donation. 


Yoga Classes

Walk ins and beginners are welcome.

Our classes are small (<10), open to anyone, and are adaptable for individual needs. Walk-ins are welcome. All classes are run by individual teachers, therefore payment goes directly to the teacher when you arrive.


Breath-Centered Yoga with Meditation with Kristen Fewel

This class develops deep and full breathing with safe and beneficial movement for stress reduction, healing, and mindfulness. It aims to create the ideal natural conditions for meditation to occur through intense focus on the breath cycle and is helpful to break unhealthy or inefficient breathing habits. This is an all levels class recommended for healing from injury, reducing stress, and for deepening mindfulness and meditation.  5-10 minutes of meditation/silence is observed at the end of class. For questions about this class, email Kristen at

Chair / Adaptive Yoga with Dena Peterson  Click for FLYER

Explore adaptive yoga with a chair and props for every body! Dena developed an adaptive practice while spending more than a year in rehabilitation from a tragic accident. She now helps ambulatory and non-ambulatory students and teachers about embracing ability and finding what works. Wheels and walkers are easily accommodated in our first floor studio. For questions about this class, email Dena at

Gentle Yoga & Guided Meditation with Purvi Shah 

Give yourself this special time of self-love to join your breath with the physical movements and poses designed to help you create more inner peace.  Feel your body gain strength and flexibility while balancing emotions and thoughts in a safe and loving space.  For questions on this class email 

Connecting Within Gentle Yoga with Kristy Cronkrite

Prepare your body for mindfulness and meditation with slow flow and nurturing stretches. For questions on this class contact

Gentle Yoga with Michelle Almeida

This is a one-hour all-levels class to move, stretch, and release stress in a friendly, small-group environment.  Instruction is given in breathing and simple forms for beginners and those who have experience with Yoga. 

Strong Hatha with Jeff Fewel

Liven up with an upbeat Sunday morning class! Come prepared to perspire with some fun, creative, and challenging movements and postures followed by a quiet period of restfulness to rejuvenate your body and mind. 

Meditation Group Classes

Walk-ins welcome

Connecting Within Meditation with Kristy Cronkrite

Meditation is a remedy for the stressors of modern daily life. Receive specific guidance with assuring words to help you slow down the mind and tune in to your inner wisdom, fostering a sense of compassion and peacefulness toward yourself and others. Open to all levels, this class welcomes beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. 


Prana Reiki Meditation with Vitzania Dominguez

Learn the technique of the self-healing art of Reiki, a form of healing touch, with the guidance of an experienced Reiki Master. Reiki works through the power of focused intention and life-force energy directed by each participant through special hand placements on the body. This introduction to energywork can help prepare you for in-depth self-healing. Cushion seating and chairs available for comfort.

Yoga Meditation with Kristen Fewel

This day-long workshop explores Patanjali's principles of yoga that lead to the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind, an ideal state for meditation to create beneficial mental and emotional change. We will discuss appropriate objects of meditation and their ample effects-- including breath, sound, and images, and engage with longer and deeper states of meditation. 

Healing Arts Classes

Reiki 1,2,3 / Master Teacher --  Japanese Usui + Independent

Universal Life Force energy, known as chi (or qi), can be used to heal on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Level 1 covers the history and use of reiki, a protocol for a full-body self treatment and that for another person, and helps you to sensitize to your ability to feel energy moving through you and within you. Four symbols, or keys, are taught to help enhance the energy. Level 2 introduces additional keys and training for distance healing, karmic healing, and mental/emotional/spiritual growth.  Level 3 trains you to become a Reiki Master Teacher, to provide instruction, attunements, ceremony, and support to your own students who are called to train with you.  Call for questions. 714-404-2576

Sacred Space Reiki Circle  2nd Saturdays of the month


Work with a Reiki Master and other trained reiki practitioners to hone your energywork skills, practice symbols and invocations (if attuned), give and receive reiki, and support your practice. During every session, every person in the group will have an opportunity to give and receive reiki. 


Take the next step in your healing journey!


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